Text 24 Jul Flat Life 55
Text 23 Jul Park Terrace


Park Terrace is just off Tunstall town centre. It isn’t very long and was built at around the same time as The Library, early 1890′s. They are much finer houses than the terraces behind, this can be seen from the details such as the fine Minton tiles which some houses still have, and overlook what is now Tunstall Memorial Gardens shown on the 1898 map as Recreation Grounds, where the war…

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Text 21 Jul Flat Life 54
Text 20 Jul Rain

Yesterday it rained, no surprise in the UK but this was heavy thundery rain. I took some photographs last year when it rained from the South East direction and my front window is like a river, so I tried a few long exposure images, I didn’t get what I actually wanted and need to look at the speed of taking the image, the cars were passing by before the shutter went. So most didn’t work but these…

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Text 19 Jul Jacqueline Street


Jacqueline Street is a short street which runs from Hawes Street down to Tunstall Cemetry. One side has been redeveloped, the other the original Victorian terrace. There are some quite fine views into the valley and south over the Potteries, otherwise it is not very exciting. One end has been blocked off so it is not a ‘rat run’.  These were taken quite a few months ago.








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Photo 18 Jul Still Life #29

My past seven days as a still life of ideas and objects…

Still Life #29

My past seven days as a still life of ideas and objects…

Text 17 Jul Flat Life 53
Text 16 Jul The Boulevard


The Boulevard is a rather pompously named street in Tunstall which in old maps was once known as Mill Lane and then Station Road, the station closing when the Loop Line closed in the early 1960′s. The Boulevard runs eastwards for a few hundred yards out of the town centre towards Victoria Park and seamlessly changes to Mill Hill Road. It begins next to Tunstall Town Hall in a pedestrianised…

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Text 15 Jul Flat Life 52
Text 12 Jul Conversation Pieces

A couple of ‘snaps’ I took whilst walking Oskar. Some discarded sofas in one of the ‘backs’ nearby, and a combination of images of high summer on what was a beautiful day (I put this on Instagram) with both colour and black and white versions. Conversation Pieces were very fashionable in the 18th Century, paintings or sculptures of no great distinction that were shown to stimulate conversation. A…

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